Cyberpunk 2077: 5 Significant Upgrades Including ‘Phantom Liberty’


In a brand-new gameplay trailer launched Tuesday, CD Projekt Red (CDPR) exposed a significant overhaul and brand-new functions concerning the open-world action video game Cyberpunk 2077 and its brand-new growth, Phantom Liberty.

In addition to a brand-new Dogtown district in the futuristic video game world, Cyberpunk 2077 is getting a considerable– not to point out complimentary– upgrade that totally alters the enormous RPG to its core, upgrading the three-year-old video game.

Cyberpunk 2077 has actually had a rocky journey that started prior to its release in December 2020, consisting of years of hold-ups and a rollout that left lots of stating the video game unplayable. Sony even eliminated the video game from the PlayStation Shop following extensive grievances, just restoring it in June 2021 after CD Projekt Red made considerable updates to the distressed video game.

For lots of, Cyberpunk 2077 upgrade 2.0 and Phantom Liberty are what gamers were guaranteed when the video game was at first exposed at E3 in 2018. CD Projekt Red states gamers can anticipate brand-new gigs, clothes products, weapons, and cyberware, in addition to brand-new gameplay locations.

CD Projekt Red Gameplay Designer Yulia Pryimak explained it as a “significant overhaul of the gameplay experience,” and the very first video bears that out. Here are the 5 greatest brand-new functions CD Projekt Red is giving the world of Cyberpunk 2077 when the complimentary upgrade and exceptional growth release on September 26.

Lorry Battle

CDPR is presenting vehicle-to-vehicle battle in upgrade 2.0. Gamers got a little taste of this throughout the “Monster in Me” street racing mission line in Cyberpunk 2077. In the gameplay trailer dropped today, automobile battle seems broadening with the addition of installed weapons and car-to-car battle. Gamers will likewise have the ability to assault lorries utilizing fast hacks.

Image: CD Projekt Red

” Lorry battle is a huge structure,” Pryimak stated. “Gamers who now will have the ability to shoot their weapons while driving, [and] will have the ability to utilize installed weapons like rockets,” she stated.

NCPD Update

The Night City Cops Department, much better referred to as the NCPD, is likewise getting an overhaul, with the police ending up being more aggressive in capturing the mercenary character V when they dedicate a criminal offense. This overhaul consists of gearing up the NCPD’s MacTac elite team with much heavier firepower.

Image: CD Projekt Red

Now the NCPD will react to gamer actions in more sensible and appealing methods, CDPR states, consisting of establishing obstructions and trying to ram gamers off the roadway.

Revamped Cyberware and Advantage

Image: CD Projekt Red

Cyberware and advantages are likewise getting a revamp and brand-new style, with brand-new advantages contributed to the ability tree for each quality. In Cyberpunk 2077 and the tabletop video game it’s based upon, cyberware describes cybernetic implants and prosthetics that gamers can gear up to their characters to boost their capabilities. Another modification consists of the unfavorable effect of having excessive cyberware, much better referred to as cyber-psychosis.

Relic ability tree and capabilities

Image: CD Projekt Red

In the Cyberpunk 2077 base video game, gamers might discover a “relic area” in V’s ability tree. This relic describes a chip bring the engram or construct of departed rockerboy Johnny Silverhand, played by Keanu Reeves, embedded in V’s skull. In the 2.0 upgrade, V can access capabilities given by the antique.

Battle AI Overhaul

Update 2.0 likewise alters how battle in Cyberpunk 2077 occurs in basic, consisting of an upgrade to opponent AI with more vibrant attacks and gruesome melee battle relocations. Gamers can deflect bullets with swords and even toss opponents at other opponents.

According to CD Projekt Red, the revamped ability trees, revamped authorities system, and automobile battle will be complimentary as part of Update 2.0 for Cyberpunk 2077 on Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 5, and PC.

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