Euler Financing hacker begins returning taken Ether


The current attack that drained pipes $197 million from Euler Financing was called the greatest decentralized financing (DeFi) hack of 2023 up until now. Nevertheless, this might not hold for a lot longer as the hacker apparently had a change of mind.

On March 18, approximately 3,000 Ether (ETH) ($ 5.4 million) were gone back to Euler Financing’s deployer address from the Euler Financing hacker’s address. Blockchain detective PeckShield determined 3 deals that were utilized to send out the funds.

Cointelegraph validated that the hacker moved 1,000 ETH per deal to Euler’s deployer account. Nevertheless, opportunities that the hacker will return the whole loot of $197 million stay slim, as say goodbye to outgoing deals were tape-recorded at the time of composing.

On March 16, Euler Financing revealed a $1 million benefit to locate the hacker and obtain the funds.

The exploiter had the ability to drain pipes $197 million through several deals and later on utilized a multichain bridge to move the funds from the BNB Chain to Ethereum.

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Not Long After a $1 million bounty was revealed, the taken funds were moved into the crypto mixer Twister Money.

Euler Financing required that the hacker return 90% of the funds within 24 hr to prevent possible prison time.

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