Immunefi states it has actually assisted in $66M in bug bounties because beginning


According to a brand-new report launched on Dec. 21, blockchain security company Immunefi has actually processed more than $65.9 million in crypto bounties paid to ethical hackers over 1,248 reports because its beginning on Dec. 9, 2020. Web3 tasks note bounty programs on ImmuneFi to motivate white hat hackers to report vulnerabilities and claim financial benefits, which the business then assists in.

The payments seem focused in nature, with bounty programs run by Wormhole, Aurora, Polygon, Optimism and a concealed company accounting for $30.2 million worth of benefits in the previous year. The average payment was $2,000, and the typical payment was $52,800. A little number of important vulnerability bug reports got the greatest benefits.

” A $5,000 bounty payment for an important vulnerability might operate in the web2 world, for instance, however it does not operate in the web3 world. If the direct loss of funds for a web3 vulnerability might be approximately $50 million dollars, then it makes good sense to provide a much bigger bounty size to incentivize etiquette.”

In regards to vulnerability notices, “clever agreement” problems took the lead, with an overall of 728 submissions, representing 58.3% of paid reports. On the other hand, the “sites and applications” and “blockchain/distributed journal innovation” classifications amounted to 488 submissions (39.1%) and 32 submissions (2.6%), respectively. Remarkably, regardless of having a high variety of submissions, site and application reports just represented 2.9% of overall white hat payments, whereas clever agreement bugs represented 89.6% of payments.

The Wormhole vulnerability discovery led to a $10 million bug bounty payment. Source: Immunefi

The bounty programs identified high-vulnerability reports, such as the case in Pods Financing, for a reasoning mistake that permitted the theft of yield or abuse of the benefits system on the procedure. Another consists of Mushrooms Financing’s vulnerability, which might be possibly made use of through a miner-extractable worth attack with flash bots.

The report likewise committed a part to ransom analysis, exposing that destructive hackers have actually returned $32.7 million in funds illegally acquired from decentralized financing procedures throughout 5 particular circumstances in 2022. Hackers have actually kept $6,44 million in overall ransom payments. Some professionals state that the payment of ransom to hackers totals up to providing into extortion, however almost all concur that it’s far better to instate a bug bounty program ex ante facto. Immunefi presently uses $144 million in bounty benefits through Web3 tasks noted on the platform.

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