Is Bitcoin the only crypto that will make it through FTX? Interview with Bitcoin maximalist


The failure of FTX and a variety of other centralized financing platforms in 2022 enhances the story that the majority of the crypto community will ultimately collapse due to its centralization, with the exception of Bitcoin (BTC) — a minimum of according to Jeff Cubicle, a Bitcoin supporter and the author of The Cost of Tomorrow.

Cubicle thinks central crypto platforms such as FTX and Celsius have actually just reproduced the standard monetary system with all its fundamental defects.

” All of crypto is attempting to restore a monetary system that we currently have actually based upon adjustment and centralization,” stated Cubicle in an unique interview with Cointelegraph.

He argues that even decentralized financing platforms– which look for to offer a peer-to-peer, trustless option to standard monetary services– are bound to stop working, as they are being developed on procedures that have actually compromised decentralization and security in order to improve scalability.

Bitcoin is the only cryptocurrency that stays decentralized and safe sufficient to be the base layer of the future monetary system, states Cubicle.

” The whole crypto community is going to go to no besides Bitcoin,” he stated.

To discover more about why Cubicle thinks Bitcoin might outlast the remainder of the crypto community, have a look at the complete interview on Cointelegraph’s YouTube channel, and do not forget to subscribe!

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