Polygon employs Xternity to move multiplayer Web3 video game from Solana


Ethereum layer-2 scaling service Polygon, signed up with hands with Xternity, a Web3 video gaming advancement platform, to move and onboard a multiplayer Web3 video game– Synergy Land– to the Polygon network from Solana.

As blockchain platforms, Solana focuses mainly on scalability and cost-cutting, while Polygon permits smooth interaction with the Ethereum community. To assist move Synergy Land’s resources onto the Ethereum Virtual Maker (EVM) chain, Xternity proposed a procedure– by means of its network migration tool– that can be utilized to move video games or tasks throughout chains.

Discussing Xternity’s objective to speed up Web3 video game advancement, co-founder and CEO Sagi Maman, mentioned that both gamers and designers ought to have the choice to select their own blockchain communities.

For users, the migration procedure includes connecting their Solana-compatible wallets, such as Phantom and MetaMask, burning their possessions on Solana and recreating them on Polygon. With its migration to Polygon, Synergy Land intends to onboard Web2 users into Web3 without jeopardizing the neighborhood hosted over the older blockchain.

Web3 tasks that go with EVM migration typically look for a more comprehensive user base, higher performance and reliability of the Ethereum blockchain.

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On Jan. 17, the Polygon proof-of-stake chain was arranged for a difficult fork. Talking to Cointelegraph, a Polygon representative shared minute information about the upgrade:

” The tough fork is coded for the Block >>= 38,189,056. No centralized, single star is going to start it. Validators of the network need to upgrade their nodes prior to the suggested block and they are currently doing so.”

The upgrade, authorized by 87% of the 15 citizens of the Polygon Governance Group, intends to decrease gas cost spikes and repair the chain reorganization issue.

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