Strange Bitcoin miner displays earliest signature dated Jan. 2009 


Online online forums are important to the Bitcoin origin story, where Satoshi Nakamoto and early factors teamed up to talk about and develop a disruptive monetary system from scratch. Among the earliest Bitcoin online forums–– still maintains historic conversations around producing the Bitcoin (BTC) logo design and the payment system.

A curious member of the online forum just recently looked for to recognize Bitcoin miners from the early days. To their surprise, a confidential member shared a signature going back to January 2009, simply a week after Bitcoin originated.

The earliest recognized Bitcoin signature shared by OneSignature. Source:

” Possibly OP is welcoming Satoshi?” questioned another member after validating the authenticity of “the earliest signature” discovered to date. Contributing to the secret, the signature was published by a recently developed account on Nov. 26, 2022, under the pseudonym of OneSignature.

Cointelegraph validated the credibility of the signature. Source:

OneSignature’s account history reveals no other participation on the online forum, hence validating that the intent for its development was just to flaunt the earliest signed message. Digging much deeper into the username reveals a secured Twitter account, which was developed back in October 2009.

Twitter account of user OneSignature. Source: Twitter

Cointelegraph validated that the address utilized by the mystical poster holds no balance. The discovery of the signature going back to the Bitcoin genesis duration verifies individuals associated with developing Bitcoin’s tradition keep a close eye on the environment while feeding the public’s interest from time to time.(* )Related: Bitcoin is the king of crypto brand name awareness for Aussies: Report

Regardless of the decade-long regulative obstacles and extended bearishness, Bitcoin has actually handled to constantly begin top. Nevertheless, the falling Bitcoin rates have actually included tension to the mining environment.

The Bitcoin mining earnings in regards to the U.S. dollar is presently at two-year lows, down to $11.67 million, a number last seen on Nov. 2, 2020.

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