The 5 strangest stories of the market in 2022 


From Terra to FTX, 2022 has actually offered us numerous strange crypto stories. While financiers have actually been sustaining a bearish market that saw the crypto market sink listed below the $1 trillion market capitalization mark, adoption in the area has actually been growing, and old secrets were lastly resolved.

From the extraordinary brief capture of an insolvent business’s token to old anti-crypto arguments utilized by a significant reserve bank, we’re getting strange with 5 stories the very best fiction authors could not think up.

” Comical rap artist” charged over Bitfinex hack

Back in 2016, popular cryptocurrency exchange Bitfinex suffered a significant security breach that saw assaulters take 119,756 Bitcoin (BTC), worth roughly $72 million at the time. It was among the biggest crypto hacks in history, and although Bitfinex continued operating, its track record was harmed for several years to come.

This year, Heather Morgan, understood by her rap name “Razzlekhan,” and her partner Ilya Lichtenstein were apprehended by the Federal Bureau of Examination for presumably conspiring to wash crypto linked to the Bitfinex hack.

Throughout a court look in New york city, the set declared their innocence and were launched on multimillion-dollar bonds. The strange part of this story is the information surrounding Morgan’s work as a “comical rap artist” and social networks influencer. Among her tunes even states it is committed to “the business owners and hackers, all the misfits and wise slackers.”

Morgan, who calls herself the “crocodile of Wall Street,” was identified a master of “deceit and deceptiveness” by federal authorities. While her house was being browsed, Morgan presumably asked federal representatives for consent to recover her feline from under the bed and, while doing so, attempted to lock her phone.

Morgan and Lichtenstein supposedly took a trip to Ukraine in 2019 to achieve incorrect identities and develop phony passports, and have “recognized monetary accounts” in Ukraine and Russia.

She was a routine factor to Forbes. The day prior to the Bitfinex hack, she published an image beside Lichtenstein with a caption stating she will “constantly like entering difficulty w/ this insane person.”

Talking About Morgan and Lichtenstein’s arrest, Dymtro Volkov, head of international developments at crypto exchange, informed Cointelegraph that with the appropriate technical resources, “it is possible to track the circulation of a lot of funds carrying on a blockchain network” which “concealing a substantial quantity of taken funds is in fact rather a complicated job.”

Especially, the set isn’t being charged with the hack however laundering the taken funds. The sordid information of the story have actually even captured the interest of filmmakers. Hulu is producing a true-crime restricted series about Morgan’s life, and Netflix has actually bought a docuseries on the story.

Insolvent Celsius Network’s CEL token rises 4,000%

Quickly after cryptocurrency loaning platform Celsius Network declared insolvency, the cost of its native energy token, CEL (CEL), leapt by more than 4,100%. In just 2 months, the cost climbed up from a bottom of $0.093 to a near $4 high.

The rise came amidst reports that Ripple, a business took part in a legal fight with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission, might take control of Celsius’ properties. Other reports recommended Goldman Sachs prepared to get Celsius for $2 billion.

Traders arranged an enormous brief capture. Brief squeezes take place when a possession’s cost increases unexpectedly, requiring brief sellers to redeem the possession at a greater cost to close their positions.

The brief capture was possible due to the fact that a freeze on Celsius token transfers considerably lowered the flowing supply of CEL.

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At the time of the brief capture, Cointelegraph reported that FTX had about 5.1 million CEL tokens, totaling up to 90% of the overall flowing supply on exchanges.

It’s presently thought traders on FTX managed the brief capture, however erased tweets recommend that the origins of the motion might not be totally comprehended, and some think Alameda Research study was straight included. We do understand that a minimum of some traders are still attempting to get a CEL brief capture going once again, even after the token dropped to $0.50.

Binance’s letter of intent

Binance’s unexpected letter of intent to get the collapsing FTX exchange is another strange story of 2022. At the time, numerous in crypto thought FTX was a solvent, well-run business. When Binance revealed its intent to liquidate its holdings of FTX Token (FTT) following speculation relating to the solvency of FTX, what was viewed as a competition in between Binance and FTX quickly developed into a possible buyout nobody was anticipating.

As FTX’s solvency was barely being questioned, CEO Sam Bankman-Fried revealed an “contract on a tactical deal” with Binance. It was an unusual and unanticipated discovery due to the fact that, up until that point, Bankman-Fried had actually dismissed issues about the solvency of FTX.

Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao contributed to those issues when he tweeted, “This afternoon, FTX requested for our aid. There is a substantial liquidity crunch. To safeguard users, we signed a non-binding LOI, planning to totally get and assist cover the liquidity crunch. We will be performing a complete DD in the coming days”.

The offer failed the next day after Binance performed its due diligence, with the factors ending up being clear right after.

European Reserve bank spreads out FUD

In late November, the European Reserve Bank (ECB) released a post in which it argued that Bitcoin’s healing from $17,000 to $20,000 was likely an “synthetically caused last gasp prior to the roadway to irrelevance.”

The ECB stated that Bitcoin is “hardly ever utilized for legal deals” which “genuine Bitcoin deals are troublesome, sluggish and costly.” The reserve bank daringly composed that Bitcoin has actually never ever been utilized “to any substantial level for real-world legal deals.”

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According to the ECB, Bitcoin has actually gained from “waves of brand-new financiers” while not appropriating as a financial investment. It does not produce capital or dividends, nor can it be proficiently utilized or “offer social advantages.”

The declaration argues that blockchain innovation has actually “produced restricted worth for society” which the “Bitcoin system is an unmatched polluter.” It likewise recommended that cryptocurrency promo bears a “reputational threat for banks.”

Every point the ECB raised has actually been utilized to assault the cryptocurrency neighborhood, and each and every single point has actually been rebuffed.

The ECB has actually recycled numerous crypto misconceptions that have actually been utilized to hold the market back. The post comes as the ECB speeds up development on establishing a digital euro. Among the post’s authors, Ulrich Bindseil, has actually authored various posts on reserve bank digital currencies.

Besides the recycled misconceptions, what’s strange is the ECB’s uncertain angle, as numerous do not think about CBDCs to be taking on cryptocurrencies, which are typically viewed as a method to leave the imperfections of fiat currency systems.

Speaking With Cointelegraph, Anton Bukov, co-founder of 1inch Network, stated the ECB’s post benefited the cryptocurrency neighborhood, as it suggests the “federal government concerned the 2nd and even 3rd phase of Gandhi’s idea: First they neglect you, then they make fun of you, then they combat you, then you win.”

Main African Republic’s crypto strategy

The Main African Republic (VEHICLE) ended up being the 2nd nation to embrace Bitcoin as a legal tender previously this year, permitting around 5 million locals to utilize the flagship cryptocurrency along with the nation’s fiat currency, the Central African CFA franc.

The relocation followed Main African Republic President Faustin-Archange Touadéra signed a costs into law developing a regulative structure for Bitcoin as legal tender. While the crypto neighborhood at first commemorated the relocation, the strange side of this quickly emerged.

Although the automobile is a mineral-rich country, its individuals are amongst the poorest on the planet. It has actually been ravaged by a decade-long civil war, and it is approximated that 9 out of 10 locals do not even have access to the web. Automobile’s choice was accompanied by little to no description, with President Touadéra tweeting a basic “more to follow.”

The tweet was describing an anouncement about the nation’s “visionary” strategy to develop a “wonderful chance for anybody who thinks in crypto investing.” That chance is the Sango job, which appears to now be a preliminary coin offering for the nation’s CBDC.

The job declares that the nation’s treasury will have a devoted Bitcoin reserve and enable people to have a “voice and opportunity to form the future” through a governance system. Citizenship can be gotten by locking repaired security in Sango. Other advantages consist of e-residency, land ownership and 0% earnings tax for digital properties.

While drawing in foreign financial investment is a smart relocation from automobile, a Bitcoin-based preliminary coin offering from a war-torn nation is an unusual advancement.’s Volkov informed Cointelegraph that cryptocurrencies are “well placed to assist emerging economies fill spaces in the services their domestic monetary systems are doing not have” and might assist link domestic monetary systems to international markets. Volkov included that the relocation might assist the nation’s economy:

” Making crypto legal tender, or a minimum of producing a legal structure that specifies its use, permits monetary business to present low-cost and quick monetary services that consumers can access even with undependable access to the web.”

He likewise stated cryptocurrencies can have a “extremely favorable impact on nations with establishing monetary systems wanting to take part in the international economy.”

The stories covered in this short article make it clear how unforeseeable the cryptocurrency area can be throughout bear and booming market. If anything, anybody following what’s going on is taking pleasure in a rollercoaster flight they will always remember.

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