Why Blockchain Is the Future of Renewable Resource


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SunContract is dedicated to reinventing the renewable resource area with its blockchain-powered peer-to-peer energy trading platform. In this post, you can read our interview with Gregor Novak, the co-founder of SunContract.

Novak goes over the current improvements in the market, the impacts of international energy characteristics, and the methods which SunContract is boosting its items with making use of advanced innovations like expert system, artificial intelligence, and non-fungible tokens.

Explore our discussion to discover how SunContract is leading the energy market’s development at every turn, instead of simply participating in its improvement.

Interview with Mr Gregor Novak, co-founder of SunContract

Can you share any current advancements or turning points SunContract has attained in the previous year?

In 2017, SunContract originated the first-ever white paper on a peer-to-peer energy market, setting an international precedent. This effort was followed by an effective Preliminary Coin Offering (ICO) for the peer-to-peer energy market, which was finished on August 1, 2017.

On April 1, 2018, we released the world’s very first retail peer-to-peer energy market on a nationwide scale, attracting our preliminary consumer base primarily from the blockchain neighborhood. This early adoption by over a thousand blockchain lovers marked a substantial turning point, as they were the leaders on our platform.

Moving into 2019, SunContract broadened its operations by developing a workplace in Estonia. Here, we obtained a license to run as a cryptocurrency wallet custodian. This tactical relocation was essential for our development and compliance in the progressing digital property landscape.

In 2021, we took a substantial advance by updating our platform to support energy self-dependent towns. This improvement shows our dedication to sustainable and community-driven energy services.

Over the previous 2 years, we have actually made significant development in broadening our services. We acquired an energy license and released the energy market in Croatia, while likewise preparing for operations in Estonia. Additionally, we developed a workplace in Malta to line up with the upcoming Markets in Crypto-Assets Guideline (MiCA), a brand-new European regulative structure set to apply from December 2023. Compliance with MiCA is essential for our growth, as it allows us to embrace and extend this policy throughout European nations once we protect the requisite license in Malta.

How have international energy patterns in 2023 and early 2024 affected SunContract’s technique and operations?

The international energy patterns throughout 2023 and early 2024 have actually favorably affected SunContract’s technique and operations. With an increasing need for lower energy usage, our services are more pertinent than ever. We are dedicated to supporting this shift, providing ingenious services that make it possible for neighborhoods to autonomously master their energy requires. These patterns line up well with our pioneering function in the market, enhancing our dedication to supporting the international shift to green energy.

What brand-new innovations or developments is SunContract checking out or preparing to incorporate into its services?

SunContract is constantly progressing, with an eager concentrate on incorporating sophisticated innovations such as AI and artificial intelligence. These innovations play a vital function in our backend services. Our system greatly counts on predictive analytics for numerous energy production sources like solar, hydro, and wind, in addition to for usage patterns and energy management.

We are deeply taken part in boosting these predictive abilities, which are essential to our operations. Nevertheless, our next considerable stride in peer-to-peer energy management includes welcoming blockchain developments, especially non-fungible tokens (NFTs). While NFTs are not an unique idea, their application in the energy sector provides a distinct chance.

We prepare to use the ERC-721 token requirement to release NFTs, each representing real life photovoltaic panels. These tokens will be tradeable on the brand-new SunContract NFT market. This effort marks a substantial action in our journey to transform the energy sector with advanced innovation and including worth to each photovoltaic panel in a soalr farms, which end up being worldwide simple accacable and liquid.

Exist any brand-new markets or areas that SunContract is targeting for growth in 2024?

Definitely, SunContract is actively broadening into brand-new markets. We have actually developed business and obtained energy licenses in Estonia and Croatia. In these markets, we are starting the rollout of our peer-to-peer energy services and checking out the combination of NFT innovations.

SunContract is likewise checking out chances in numerous international markets. We have actually just recently started to examine the capacity in the Japanese market. Our future strategies consist of not just widening our reach in Europe however likewise thinking about growth into other global areas. This tactical technique shows our dedication to international development and the adjustment of our ingenious energy services to varied markets.

What are the greatest regulative difficulties dealing with SunContract, and how is the business resolving them?

SunContract needs to comply with both regional and international guidelines. This indicates we regularly adhere to differing energy guidelines, which vary from nation to nation. In addition, as SunContract needs to comply next to an energy likewise to crypto policy using blockchain and other crypto properties.

Presently, in the European Union, this is primarily governed by the Markets in Crypto-Assets policy (MiCA), which is set to be imposed from December 23 of this year. SunContract is actively working to get all needed licenses for EU nations. As we think about brand-new markets, such as Japan or others we might go into, our technique is constantly to completely comprehend and adhere to their particular guidelines.

Our dedication to regulative compliance is steady, both in existing markets and in any future growths. We comprehend the value of lining up with regional and global legal structures to make sure the smooth combination and operation of our services worldwide.

How is SunContract adding to international sustainability objectives, especially in regards to renewable resource and lowering carbon emissions?

SunContract naturally adds to international sustainability, especially lining up with the United Nations’ Sustainable Advancement Objectives (SDGs) 7, 11 and 13. Our efforts and operations are created to resolve all 3 measurements of sustainable advancement: financial, social, and ecological. Our energy market is a testimony to this extensive technique.

The core viewpoint of SunContract is to cultivate self-sufficiency and sustainability amongst people, business, and neighborhoods. This values is not just in consistency with the UN’s sustainability objectives however actively promotes making use of renewable resource and the decrease of carbon emissions. By concentrating on these locations, SunContract plays an essential function beforehand international efforts towards a more sustainable and ecologically accountable future, especially in the worlds of tidy energy and sustainable cities and neighborhoods.

What methods is SunContract utilizing to motivate more customers to embrace solar power and take part in the energy market?

SunContract is actively engaging with numerous neighborhoods to promote the adoption of renewable resource, especially solar power. Our technique consists of connecting to groups that are currently inclined towards sustainability and technological developments, such as blockchain lovers, young specialists, IT neighborhoods, and even creative circles. By targeting these varied groups, SunContract intends to motivate involvement in our energy market. Our objective is to motivate these neighborhoods to welcome sustainability and self-sufficiency, cultivating a wider approval and usage of renewable resource sources.

Can you talk about any current or approaching collaborations or partnerships that are considerable for SunContract?

SunContract is actively working together with numerous EPC business or solar or heatpump installers. This collaboration makes it possible for energy installers to use SunContract’s services, therefore permitting their clients to participate in peer-to-peer energy trading and other associated activities. Our market entry methods differ throughout various areas.

For example, in Japan, we remain in conversations with recognized regional business thinking about partnering with SunContract. The goal is to present and incorporate our ingenious services into the Japanese market. Likewise, in the UK, we remain in talks with prospective partners who have actually revealed interest in working together with us.

While we aspire to share more information, official statements relating to these collaborations will be made as soon as contracts are completed. These partnerships contribute in broadening our reach and effect in numerous global markets.

How is SunContract placing itself in the progressively competitive renewable resource market?

SunContract separates itself in the renewable resource market with its distinct and competitive company design. We place ourselves similar to an ‘energy Uber,’ providing energy services straight to a wide variety of customers. This technique includes both private and company customers, successfully covering both B2C (Business-to-Consumer) and B2B (Business-to-Business) sectors. Our design permits anybody, whether they are personal people, business entities, or commercial companies, to gain access to and take advantage of SunContract’s services. This versatility and inclusivity are essential to our technique in standing apart in the competitive renewable resource landscape.

How is blockchain innovation progressing within SunContract’s platform, and what advantages does it give your users?

SunContract is essentially developed on Ethereum blockchain innovation, which forms the core of our platform. This innovation uses our users unrivaled openness. They can see all their deals and activities on the platform, making sure total presence and automation of procedures.

Making use of blockchain imparts a natural rely on the system, as all deals and systems are safely taped and proven. This element is a substantial benefit for our users, cultivating self-confidence in our services.

Beyond private advantages, blockchain innovation likewise improves neighborhood engagement. It permits more stakeholders who resonate with SunContract’s suitables of sustainability and ingenious company designs to get involved. They can support and promote for SunContract in areas where we are yet to develop our services.

With the combination of blockchain, SunContract has actually placed itself as an international gamer. The addition of an NFT market is set to even more this reach, making our services worldwide available. The blockchain’s function in our platform is not simply a technological structure; it’s an entrance to broadening our neighborhood and boosting the user experience on an international scale.

How does SunContract include consumer feedback into its service enhancements and developments?

SunContract actively engages with varied neighborhoods on numerous social networks platforms, consisting of LinkedIn, Telegram, Facebook and others to collect consumer feedback. This important input is then transported back to our Research study and Advancement (R&D) department. By doing so, we make sure that the feedback is examined and used successfully to boost our services and operations.

Our neighborhood plays an essential function in our constant enhancement procedure. They are not just the very best judges of our existing services however likewise an abundant source of concepts for brand-new offerings. In addition, the neighborhood contributes in evaluating brand-new services, offering real-world insights that assist our development efforts. This collective technique with our users is essential to SunContract, as it assists us to customize our services to fulfill the progressing requirements and choices of our clients.

Can you explain how SunContract’s P2P energy trading market has progressed over the previous year, and what are the essential advantages it uses to customers and energy manufacturers?

The SunContract peer-to-peer (P2P) energy market has actually seen amazing development considering that its creation on a nationwide scale in Slovenia in 2018. Beginning decently, it has actually broadened considerably each year. Presently, the market boasts about 20 million EUR in earnings and continues to proliferate. This development is mostly due to the concrete advantages acknowledged by our clients.

Among the essential benefits of our market is the removal of intermediaries. This element leads to customers typically paying lower costs compared to those used by standard energy service providers. On the other hand, energy manufacturers get more worth from their output. They take pleasure in higher versatility, having the choice to either utilize the energy themselves, share it with loved ones, or offer it at much better costs on the market.

This versatility is a substantial advantage for both customers and manufacturers, empowering them to take control of their energy use and sales. This empowerment is a main factor our users value our services, and it is a driving force behind the marketplace’s development.

How is the SNC token presently being used within the SunContract platform, and exist any brand-new performances or usages for the token that you’re preparing to present?

The SNC token is the fundamental token of the SunContract platform, playing a crucial function in all our deals. It is a pure energy token, necessary for the performance of our system, and does not represent any security or product property. This difference is essential for our users to comprehend.

As SunContract broadens geographically into brand-new markets, the intro of brand-new services and the increase of brand-new clients to our energy platform naturally increase the energy of the SNC token. This growth is a substantial chauffeur of the token’s economics, can be inspected by efficiency metrics like liquidity and market price, observable on platforms like CoinMarketCap and other comparable aggregation websites.

Relating to brand-new performances, we are continually presenting brand-new energy services that depend on energy of SNC token, enhancing its status as our core energy token. A prime example is our energy market, where deals for NFTs, especially those representing photovoltaic panels, are performed utilizing SNC tokens just. This makes sure that the SNC token remains essential to SunContract’s environment, supporting all our services, from existing peer-to-peer operations to the upcoming NFT market and other services we prepare to introduce, potentially within this year.

Provided the ever-changing nature of cryptocurrency markets, how does SunContract make sure stability and dependability in the assessment and usage of the SNC token for energy trading?

Our SNC token, being noted on international exchanges, undergoes market variations, similar to any other cryptocurrency. Its worth is affected by need and action patterns, in addition to more comprehensive market patterns led by significant cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. Nevertheless, when it concerns the stability and dependability of utilizing the SNC token for peer-to-peer energy trading, we have actually executed particular procedures.

In the style of our peer-to-peer energy market, we have actually guaranteed that the services and everyday settlements are not impacted by the SNC token’s volatility. This indicates that for clients utilizing the SNC token to pay their energy expenses, direct exposure to its volatility is an option instead of a requirement. For those who decide not to hold SNC tokens, the variations have no effect on their energy settlements performed on our platform.

For That Reason, while the SNC token’s worth might vary in the broader market, its use for everyday energy trading settlements on our platform stays untouched, making sure stability and dependability for our users in this particular context.

Exist any brand-new functions or growths prepared for the P2P energy trading market in 2024?

Definitely, SunContract is actively pursuing growth in 2024. We have actually just recently gone into the Croatian market, which marks the extension of our peer-to-peer energy trading market into a brand-new EU jurisdiction. This growth is at first concentrated on the Croatian market for 2024.

Additionally, we are preparing to present our peer-to-peer energy market services in Estonia, possibly later on in the year. This growth technique shows our dedication to widening our reach within the EU and providing our ingenious energy trading services to a larger audience.

How does SunContract’s platform assist in the combination of numerous renewable resource sources, such as solar, wind, and hydro, into the P2P market?

Given that its creation, the SunContract platform has actually been created to support a varied series of renewable resource sources, consisting of solar, hydro, and cogeneration or integrated heat and power with high performance (CHP), as exhibited in Slovenia. Our platform uses sophisticated AI services to properly anticipate the output from these numerous eco-friendly sources, making them suitable and effective for combination into our energy market.

Significantly, SunContract stays dedicated solely to renewable resource sources. We do not endeavor into other kinds of energy, remaining real to our objective of promoting and assisting in sustainable and eco-friendly energy services through our peer-to-peer energy market.

How has user experience been boosted in the P2P energy trading market, specifically for those brand-new to utilizing blockchain innovation?

In boosting user experience on the SunContract platform, we have actually embraced a dual-level technique. The very first level is created for simpleness, accommodating users who might not have any anticipation about blockchain and crypto properties. For these users, the platform is uncomplicated, allowing them to participate in energy trading without requiring to comprehend the intricacies of blockchain innovation.

On the other hand, for advanced or crypto-aware users, we provide the capability to dig much deeper into blockchain performances. We have actually incorporated a Blockchain Explorer within the SunContract platform, total with an online forum where these users can see and trace all their crypto deals on the platform.

Our objective is to preserve simpleness for the basic population, who are the main energy customers, while likewise offering sophisticated functions for users who want to check out more extensive blockchain abilities. This technique makes sure that the platform is available and easy to use for all, despite their experience with blockchain innovation.

Can you share more information about the upcoming NFT market? How will it incorporate with the existing P2P energy trading platform?

The upcoming NFT market on SunContract will provide NFTs that NFTs represent already-built and fully-functional photovoltaic panel’s digital ownership without physical setup. These NFTs will have a life time span of approximately 15 years, based upon provider information. This market will be completely supported and incorporated with our existing P2P-energy market, which forms the structure of SunContract’s operations. All deals including the photovoltaic panels represented by these NFTs will be performed through our P2P energy market.

There’s a cooperative relationship in between the NFT market and our P2P platform. The NFT market opens the chance for users worldwide to produce their Personal Power Plant (PPP) by acquiring one or numerous NFTs. If a user lives in a nation where SunContract’s P2P services are readily available, they can straight use the energy from their PPP.

For users outside SunContract’s P2P functional areas, while they can’t straight take in the energy from their NFT-represented photovoltaic panels, they can still master their PPP. The energy created is offered on the SunContract’s P2P market in the operating nation, with the earnings granted to the user in the kind of SNC tokens. These tokens can be conserved in the user’s individual wallet on the platform and can be utilized or withdrawn as wanted.

This combination not just offers an unique method to engage with renewable resource however likewise bridges the space in between standard energy trading and the progressing world of digital properties. It fixes the restriction of the users, regarles of individual solar prospective facilities or nation of inhabitance, to be included, assistance and make money from the green energy shift

How will the intro of NFTs affect the method energy properties are owned, traded, and handled on the SunContract platform?

The intro of NFTs is poised to considerably transform the ownership, trading, and learning of virtual energy properties on the SunContract platform. By tokenizing photovoltaic panels into NFTs, we are making it possible for these properties to be traded worldwide, which is a considerable shift from standard designs. This digital representation not just makes photovoltaic panels more versatile and available however likewise presents tokenized kind of it which is liquid by default.

Clients will have the flexibility to quickly purchase or offer these NFTs, permitting them to broaden or lower their PPP as required. This represents a significant improvement in the renewable resource market, as it speeds up the adoption of eco-friendly sources on an international scale. Previously, lots of people worldwide have actually been not able to take part in the green shift. With NFTs, going into and leaving the renewable resource market ends up being considerably more uncomplicated, providing a streamlined approach for anybody to purchase or offer these digital properties.

In general, the combination of NFTs into the SunContract platform is set to make renewable resource more available, versatile, and easy to use, boosting the appeal and functionality of green energy financial investment for an international audience.

What is your vision for SunContract in the next 5 years, and what essential turning points are you intending to accomplish?

Looking ahead, I picture a really intense and appealing future for SunContract, real to our bright name. Our main objective is to end up being an international energy market (GEM), broadening into numerous markets worldwide. This growth lines up with our preliminary vision and will build on our existing offerings. Presently, we have a growing P2P energy market, and we prepare to present extra energy services supporting sustainability and self-sufficiency.

Over the next 5 to 7 years, I think SunContract has the prospective to accomplish considerable development, success, and included valuees for our neighborhoods. Among our essential turning points is to develop SunContract as a ‘unicorn’ in the market.

Conclusion: altering the landscape of renewable resource.

As we pertain to an end of our conversation with Mr. Gregor Novak, it appears that SunContract is actively altering the landscape of renewable resource.

SunContract uses an appealing check out a future where everybody will have access to tidy, cost effective, and sustainable power as it pursues recognizing its objective of developing an international energy market.

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