Wirex X AMA Session With Beincrypto


We’re delighted to provide a special AMA session hosted in the BeInCrypto Telegram neighborhood. This time, we took a seat with Pavel Matveev, the CEO of Wirex.

We even welcomed our neighborhood to pitch in with their burning concerns, and trust us, you men had a lot! We got over 200 concerns for this session, and we have actually sorted through them to bring you the most important questions.

In this discussion, Pavel dives deep into how Wirex is making crypto useful for daily usage, combining the world of conventional financing with the versatility of digital properties. Keep reading to learn how Wirex wishes to alter the video game, one deal at a time. Let’s dive into it!

AMA Session with Wirex

Beincrypto: Can you share the story behind the starting of Wirex and what inspired you to develop a cryptocurrency platform?

Pavel Matveev: Wirex was born when my co-founder Dmitry and I, influenced by London’s fintech scene, found Bitcoin and blockchain’s capacity to change financing. We saw a chance to combine digital properties with conventional payment networks, particularly Visa and Mastercard, making crypto useful for day-to-day usage.

Our objective was twofold: make cryptocurrencies easy to use for all and bridge the crypto-traditional financing divide. Basically, Wirex emerged from our enthusiasm for blockchain’s prospective and our vision to incorporate crypto into daily monetary activities.

Beincrypto: How does Wirex distinguish itself from other cryptocurrency payment platforms in regards to functions and services?

Pavel Matveev: Wirex is not simply another cryptocurrency platform; it’s a thorough combination of conventional financing and the digital currency world. Here’s how we stand apart:

Integrated Solutions: Our distinct Hybrid Platform combines fiat and cryptocurrencies, supported by our Multi-Currency Wallet that accommodates a range of currencies. Furthermore, our pioneering Cryptocurrency Debit Cards let users invest crypto as quickly as fiat.
Benefits and Energy: With Cryptoback ™ Benefits, users can make as much as 8% back on their purchases. Our native Wirex Token (WXT) even more boosts the user experience by using benefits and minimized charges.
Security, Ease Of Access, and Development: Prioritising user security, we’re a certified platform with top-tier security procedures like multi-signature freezer and 2FA.

In essence, Wirex’s mix of functions, international availability, and dedication to development sets us apart in the crypto-payment landscape.

Beincrypto: What’s the distinction in between Wirex crypto card– plastic & & virtual? And where can users utilize them?

Pavel Matveev: Both our plastic and virtual cards enable costs of conventional or cryptocurrency any place Mastercard or Visa is accepted, with interbank rates. Plus, you make as much as 8% Cryptoback ™ on many deals.

Virtual cards are customized for online shopping, while plastic cards are perfect for in-store purchases and money withdrawals. Purchasing both cards is complimentary, however there may be a shipment cost for the plastic card based upon area and shipment option.

Beincrypto: What are the benefits of a Wirex card over a routine bank card?

Can a user pay with Wirex for a Starbacks coffee or withdraw money for example?

Pavel Matveev: I often take a trip and constantly choose my Wirex card over a routine bank card. With a standard bank card, I’m frequently restricted to costs in one currency, dealing with bad currency exchange rate and extra FX charges of 1-3%.

Nevertheless, with Wirex, I can invest both crypto and fiat utilizing a multi-currency function, guaranteeing I get interbank rates without concealed charges. Plus, every purchase rewards me with cashback.

So, whether it’s purchasing a coffee at Starbucks or withdrawing money, my Wirex card uses versatility, much better rates, and benefits.

Beincrypto: And at what rate will the funds be debited?

Pavel Matveev: Funds are debited at interbank rates for conventional currencies, comparable to what you ‘d see on Google or XE.com. For crypto, we utilize OTC rates. We work together with leading exchange entities for both fiat and crypto to guarantee our users gain from the most beneficial rates we protect.

Beincrypto: Can users link a Wirex card to Apple Pay or Google Pay?

Pavel Matveev: Not at the minute (for a variety of technical and regulative factors which it most likely does not make much sense to enter into here). However this is something we have actually desired execute and prepare to do over the coming months. it’s coming quickly!

Beincrypto: Among your card’s functions is IBAN. Can you describe the benefits of having an IBAN account within the Wirex community for people and services running in the cryptocurrency area? How does having an IBAN account with Wirex assist in simple conversion and transfer of funds in between cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies?

Pavel Matveev: With lots of crypto exchanges, you move to an account in the exchange’s name, needing particular referrals. Wirex uses an individual IBAN in your name, simplifying transfers. You can even have your fiat income transferred straight into your Wirex account utilizing your IBAN.

We support SEPA for EUR transfers in Europe and Faster Payments for GBP in the UK. Furthermore, our Open Banking function enables simple top-ups straight from your banking app, making the shift in between cryptocurrencies and fiat smooth.

Beincrypto: Inform us about Cryptoback function!

Pavel Matveev: Cryptoback ™ enables you to make as much as 8% back on all Wirex card purchases. While the complete 8% needs satisfying particular requirements, even standard accounts make 0.5% by default, a rate unrivaled by many European banks.

Benefits are quickly contributed to your Wirex account, and you’re alerted with each deal. This uses to both online and in-store purchases, with exceptions like federal government or tax payments. ATM withdrawals do not make Cryptoback ™. Cryptoback is among many popular functions in Wirex

Beincrypto: What is the function of it and how does it suit the total community of Wirex? Can you describe the energy and advantages that WXT token holders can anticipate to get within the Wirex platform?

Pavel Matveev: The Wirex Token (WXT) is main to our platform, using cashback on deals, improved cost savings in X-Accounts, and rewards on WXT itself. WXT powers our X-tras benefits program, magnifying advantages like Cryptoback ™ and our Cost savings Benefit function. Beyond benefits, WXT will be utilized as gas in the upcoming Wirex App Chain (W-Pay).

Exist any rewards or benefits for holding and utilizing WXT tokens within the Wirex ecosystem?Yes, you can make increased Cryptoback ™ (as much as 8% vs the ‘default’ level of 0.5%), get up to 6% greater APY on your X-Accounts balances and an increased cost savings perk on WXT itself.

wirex platform

Beincrypto: How does the Wirex card and platform guarantee the security of users’ cryptocurrency properties?

Pavel Matveev: Security is critical at Wirex. We’re accredited and managed, satisfying strenuous market requirements. Our crypto properties are secured with multi-signature freezer, 2FA, and advanced procedures.

We have actually partnered with Fireblocks, a leading name in blockchain wallet facilities, making sure top-tier security with their MPC innovation. All delicate deals need numerous verifications for included security.

On the fiat front, we’re managed by the UK FCA and go through routine security audits. We’re PCI-DSS Level 1 licensed, utilize TLS and 256-bit AES file encryption, and execute SCA to secure versus unapproved card use. Users get instantaneous deal notices and can right away freeze their card if suspicious activity is identified.

Beincrypto: We’ve found out about the W-Pay statement and Polygon collaboration, what is it and how it will benefit WXT holders?

Pavel Matveev: The W-Pay app chain is our most current stride in bridging crypto and conventional financing. It magnifies the energy of the Wirex Token (WXT), which will work as gas, similar to ETH or MATIC. Here’s how WXT holders advantage:

Debit Card & & Non-Custodial Wallets: W-Pay deals a debit card connected to non-custodial wallets, giving users complete autonomy over their digital properties, lining up with blockchain’s principles of self-sovereignty.
Account Abstraction (AA): This function enhances deal openness, making sure every operation is traceable and proven, boosting user trust.
On-Chain Fiat Loaning: WXT holders can participate in fiat loaning utilizing crypto as security. This not just raises WXT’s energy however likewise uses token holders prospective interest revenues.

Beincrypto: In your viewpoint, what function does Wirex play in bridging the space in between conventional financing and the world of cryptocurrencies? How does Wirex approach the obstacle of supplying smooth combination in between cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies?

Pavel Matveev: Wirex’s main objective is to streamline the user experience, blurring the lines in between conventional and digital currencies. Whether you’re utilizing GBP, EUR, BTC, or DAI stablecoin, the payment experience with our card stays constant and uncomplicated.

By incorporating the core functions of a crypto wallet/exchange with those of a neo-bank into one safe, regulated application, we go for a smooth user journey.

Furthermore, beginners to Wirex do not require previous crypto understanding. They can utilize Wirex as a more effective option to conventional banking, making crypto benefits on regular deals. This technique guarantees that the shift into the crypto world is smooth and does not need a preliminary financial investment.

Beincrypto: It is time for concerns from our neighborhood that we gathered ahead of time! The very first concern is: Can you inform me about KYC, Do I require KYC to deposite and withdraw from WIREX wallet? Likewise Do you accept KYC from all over world?

Pavel Matveev: Let’s fix a limit in between the 2 various items here:

You do not require any KYC to utilize the non-custodial Wirex Wallet. Unless you require to purchase crypto with fiat, in which case you pass the KYC checks needed by among our on-ramp partners.

You definitely do require KYC to utilize the (primary) custodial Wirex App and card. Financial policies internationally are not ending up being any simpler, and as a license banks, we need to follow the guidelines.

We do accept users from over 130 nations, although the specific set of product or services readily available in a specific nation might vary. The existing list of readily available nations and services is readily available here.

Beincrypto: What methods does the group use to deal with token inflation particularly in this bearish market, exists any buy backs or burn system incorporated? how important is the $WXT to its owners on the Wirex Environment?

Pavel Matveev: First Of All, it’s necessary to comprehend that WXT is not an inflationary token. This indicates there will not be anymore WXT presented beyond what’s presently readily available in the market, matching the technique of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin.

As the Wirex community continues to broaden with an increasing variety of users and utilize cases, the need for WXT naturally grows. This fundamental need, combined with its restricted supply, guarantees that WXT stays resistant, even in bearish market conditions.

The worth of $WXT to its holders within the Wirex Environment is not simply financial however likewise fundamental, as it plays an essential function in our platform’s operations and offerings.

Beincrypto: Provided the growth of virtual card accessibility to the UK, EEA, and Australia, can you offer particular adoption data or forecasts for each area? Exist any geographical variations in virtual card adoption rates or use patterns that the Wirex group has observed, and how do you prepare to resolve them?

Pavel Matveev: Considering that the growth of our virtual card services to the UK, EEA, and Australia, we have actually observed a constant development trajectory throughout all these areas. Particularly, we’re seeing an approximate 24% month-on-month development in the variety of virtual cards provided.

A primary pattern we have actually observed is that users are quickly embracing these quickly provided virtual cards mainly for online shopping and topping up third-party services.

Beincrypto: What are the distinctions in between WIREX and a standard wallet such as TrustWallet, Metamask or Phantom? What makes WIREX initial and appealing to users? Is it truly much better to utilize your wallet than any other? And is it as simple to utilize your wallet as any other?

Pavel Matveev: There stand out distinctions that set Wirex apart from conventional wallets like TrustWallet, Metamask, or Phantom:

Integrated Banking Providers: Among the standout functions of Wirex is Wirex card and integrated banking services. This enables users to quickly pay with crypto or stablecoins without depending on an external service provider, simplifying the deal procedure.
Policy and Licensing: Wirex runs as a certified and regulated platform, making sure a greater level of trust and security for our users.
Competitive Rates: Thanks to our collaborations with many exchanges and banking suppliers, Wirex can use a few of the very best crypto rates in the market, making deals more economical for our users.

In essence, while other wallets offer standard storage and deal abilities, Wirex uses a thorough monetary service that bridges the space in between conventional banking and the crypto world.

Beincrypto: Lots Of Wallets presently using recommendation program Exists any recommendation system used by Wirex wallet where we can welcome our pals and get trading charges refferal perk or any discount rate?

Pavel Matveev: The Wirex “Refer a Good friend” program benefits both the referrer and the referred good friend with as much as $15 each when the good friend deposits into their X-Account. Users can welcome endless pals, making $5 for a $100 deposit and $15 for a $500 deposit by the referred good friend. More information can be discovered here.


And there you have it, a dive into the world of Wirex, directly from its CEO, Pavel Matveev. From the platform’s starting vision to its functions like Cryptoback ™ and Wirex Tokens, we have actually covered a great deal of ground. With monetary innovation progressing quickly, it’s interesting to see how business like Wirex objective to bridge the conventional and digital worlds.

We wish to thank Pavel Matveev for sharing these important insights and being so transparent about the business’s operations and future strategies. A huge shoutout to our neighborhood also for asking such important concerns; your interest fuels these informing conversations!


This short article is sponsored material and does not represent the views or viewpoints of BeInCrypto. While we abide by the Trust Job standards for impartial and transparent reporting, this material is developed by a 3rd party and is meant for advertising functions. Readers are recommended to validate details individually and seek advice from an expert prior to making choices based upon this sponsored material.

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